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Nestle Group free essay sample

On Nestle International Ltd MGT: 141 Principal of the board Prepared For: Afrins farid Assistant Professor Faculty, Business Administration Prepaid By: Km Iftakharul huq| 12310527| Nusrat jahan| 12310305| Estiaq hasan| 12310312| Israt sharmin| 12310217| Farzana sultana| 12310219| Rakib hasan| 12310532| University of Information Technology amp; Science (UITS) Contents December, 12, 2012 To, Afrins farid Assistant Professor Faculty, Business Administration University Of Information Technology amp; Science Subject: Submission of a report. Dear Madam, With due respects and regard we express that we are appreciative to you as you appointed us this report on ‘’Management in Nestle International Ltd’’. it is an extraordinary open door for us to obtain the hypothetical amp; useful information around five elements of the executives in Nestle International Ltd which is a rumored worldwide association . we have attempted our best to accumulate what we accept to be The most complete data accessible. Truly THE MANAGER 2. History Settle the universes biggest nutritional category, as far as its deals as well as far as its item range and its land nearness: Nestle covers almost every field of sustenance: baby equation, milk items, chocolate and dessert shop, moment espresso, frozen yogurt, culinary items, solidified instant dinners, mineral water and so on. We will compose a custom paper test on Settle Group or on the other hand any comparable subject explicitly for you Don't WasteYour Time Recruit WRITER Just 13.90/page We are additionally a significant maker of pet food. In the majority of these item gatherings and in many markets, Nestle is the pioneer or if nothing else a solid number two. We are an extremely engaged Company, with in excess of 94 percent of the business originating from the food and refreshment division. Settle is available around the world, on all landmasses, with around 230,000 individuals working in additional in a 84 nations with 466 production lines and with agents in any event another 70 nations. A significant number of our image names are recognizable to you: Nescafe, Nido, Maggi, Polo, Smartest, Milo, Perrier, Friskies, KitKat, Crunch†¦. A portion of our items have broken records: 3,000 cups of Nescafe are devoured each second. what's more, KitKat justified a passage in the Guinness Book of World Records as the universes top of the line chocolate bar with 418 KitKat fingers eaten each second the world over! Settle the board gave their workers practically great condition, they additionally impacts their representatives different offices like Healthy Salaries, increases. We are gained more understanding to research and investigation this report, help us future occupation execution. We make this by Microsoft office 2007. At long last, we expressed gratitude toward those individuals who are help through important data of as. Additionally thanks our decent Teacher Afrins farid for her rule 2. 1Background of the Report: Management is a wonder. It is a well known and generally utilized term. All association are engaged with the executives since it helps and coordinates the different endeavors towards a distinct reason. We are understudy of BBA program, our head of the executives Afrins Farid Assigned as to set up a report on ’Management in Nestle International Ltd’’. We have made an overview for required data in Nestle official site in net. We have chosen our subjects as ’Management in Nestle International Ltd’’. We have arranged our report on December 07, 2012 which will be presented by December 12, 2012. . 1. 2Objective: The report intends to give data on propose increasingly important data a report on ‘Management on Nestle International Ltd’. The goal of Nestle is to acquire piece of the pie and become the worldwide market pioneer in the Food and Nutrition industry. The organization needs to encounter a difficulty so as to support that position particularly to remain in front of Cadbury. It is on the grounds that that Cadbury is being gained by Kraft food which is the world chief in the chocolate business. Settles business objective, and that of the executives and representatives at all levels, is to fabricate and showcase the Company’s items so as to make esteem that can be supported over the long haul for investors, workers, customers, colleagues and the enormous number of national economies in which Nestle works; 1. 2 Management. Targets: The report means to give 3Primary representative roused affected by the Nestle International Ltd however data on propose progressively important data to how the 1. 2. 1Scope of the investigation: There is a sure limit to cover this report. Our specific report just covers on how the ‘Management on Nestle International Ltd’. we for the most part center five capacity of business amp; administrative abilities. 1. 2. 2. Confinement of the investigation: We are sufficiently fortunate to get change to set up a report on ‘Management on Nestle International Ltd’. We attempted heart amp; soul to reason a very much educated a report. Be that as it may, unfortunates we confronted some difficulties’ while setting up this report. We attempted to defeat the troubles. Notwithstanding trying our level best a few challenges that hamper our calendar report work. The representative of provincial office of Bangladesh was excessively occupied of their work. For this, they didn't adequate chance to satisfy our inquiries and some of them ignored us to help. 1. 2. 3. Trouble in gathering information: Many managers of the association were not notable pretty much all data that we asked them. A significant number of them additionally faltered to address the inquiries. These things bumped the data assortment. 1. Presentation Nestle with home office in Vevey, Switzerland was established in 1866 by Henri Nestle and is today the universes driving sustenance, wellbeing and wellness Company. Deals for 2007 were CHF 107. 6 boycott, with a net benefit of CHF 10. 6 bn. We utilize around 276â 050 individuals and have plants or tasks in pretty much every nation on the planet. The Companys technique is guided by a few major standards. Settles existing items develop through advancement and remodel while keeping up an equalization in geographic exercises and product offerings. Long haul potential is never yielded for transient execution. The Companys need is to bring the best and most applicable items to individuals, any place they are, whatever their needs, for the duration of their lives. The Nestle Addresses route at the highest point of this page will give you access to Nestle workplaces and sites far and wide. We show through our method of working together in all the nations where we are available a profound comprehension of the nearby idea of sustenance, wellbeing and health; we realize that there is nobody single item for everybody our items are custom-made to suit tastes and propensities any place you are. 1. 1Nestle initially: Nestle S. A. Industry Food handling Founded Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (1866) Ferine Lactee Henri Nestle (1867) Settle and Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Company (1905) Founder(s) Henri Nestle, Charles Page, George Page * Henri Nestle supplied his organization with the image got from his name. His family emblem, the home with a mother feathered creature * securing her young, turned into the Companys logo and an image of the Companys care * and demeanor to deep rooted nourishment. The Nestle home speaks to the sustenance, security and feeling of family that are so fundamental to life. * Headquarters Vevey, Switzerland * Area served Worldwide * Key individuals Peter Brabeck-Letmathe (Chairman) Paul Bulcke (CEO) * Products Baby food, espresso, dairy items, breakfast grains, sweet shop, filtered water, frozen yogurt, pet nourishments) * Revenue CHF 83. 64â billion (2011) * Operating pay CHF 12. 53â billion (2011) * Profit CHF 9. 487â billion (2011) * Total resources CHF 114. 09â billion (2011) * Total value CHF 58. 27â billion (2011) * Employees 328,000 (2012) * Website www. settle. com 1. 1. 2 KEY DATES 1866|  | Foundation of Anglo-Swiss Condensed Milk Co. | 1867|  | Henry Nestles Infant oat developed| 1905|  | Nestle and Anglo Swiss Condensed Milk Co. new name after merger)| 1929|  | Merger with Peter, Cailler, Kohler Chocolats Suisses S. A. | 1934|  | Launch of Milo| 1938|  | Launch of Nescafe| 1947|  | Nestle Alimentana S. A. (New name after merger with Maggi)| 1948|  | Launch of Nestea and Nesquik| 1969|  | Vittel (at first value intrigue only)| 1971|  | Merger with Ursina-Franck| 1973|  | Stouffer (with Lean Cuisine)| 1974|  | LOreal (assoc iate)| 1977|  | Nestle S. A. (new organization name)| |  | Alcon (2002: fractional IPO)| | 1981|  | Galderma (joint endeavor with L’Oreal)| 1985|  | Carnation (with Coffee Mate and Friskies)| 986|  | Creation of Nestle Nespresso S. A. | 1988|  | Buitoni-Perugina, Rowntree (with Kit Kat)| 1990|  | Cereal Partners Worldwide (joint endeavor with General Mills)| 1991|  | Beverage Partners Worldwide (joint endeavor with Coca-Cola)| 1992|  | Perrier (with Poland Spring)| 1993|  | Creation of Nestle Sources Internationals (2002: Nestle Waters)| 1997|  | Creation of Nutrition Strategic Business Division (2006: Nestle Nutrition)| 1998|  | San Pellegrino and Spillers Pet foods| |  | Launch of Nestle Pure Life | 2000|  | Power Bar| 2001|  | Ralston Purina| 2002|  | Scholler and Chef America|  | Dairy Partners Americas (joint endeavor with Fonterra)|  | Laboratories inneov (joint endeavor with L’Oreal)| 2003|  | Move pick and Dreyers| 2005|  | Wagner, Proteika and Musashi| 2006|  | Acquisition of Uncle Toby’s and Jenny Craig. Making of Foodservices Strategic Business Division|  | Lactalis Nestle Produits Frais (associate)| |  | Jenny Craig, Uncle Toby’s and Delta Ice Cream| 2007|  | Acquisition of Novartis Medical Nutrition, Gerber and Henniez. |  | Re-dispatch of Foodservices as Nestle Pro

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Modern Labor Economics Theory and Evidence Public Policy

Question: Talk about the Modern Labor Economics for Theory and Evidence Public Policy. Answer: As there is just a single provider in the market, the market is like an imposing business model market. This will give the vender the chance of being the value creator and acquire supernormal benefit. Expanding the income will require the merchant to lose the benefit amplifying system. For augmenting income peripheral income must be zero (MR = 0), though, the benefit boosting arrangement proposes the negligible income (MR) must be equivalent to minimal cost (MC) (Ehrenberg Smith, 2016). The accompanying figure presents the circumstance. According to the figure above, to expand the income will require the vender to bring down the value level. According to the law of interest, a decline in cost will build the interest and deals too. This will just thus expand the income, which is the target of the merchant (Canto, Joines Laffer, 2014). Then again, on the off chance that he builds the cost, it will diminish the interest and the all out income may fall regardless of whether the benefit expands, which isn't the objective of the vender. The fundamental reason for the vender is to amplify the income. To do as such, he needs to change his creation procedure from equalling negligible income to minor expense. The new approach that must be embraced here is creating at a point where the minor income is zero. As indicated by outright preferred position hypothesis when a nation is progressively effective in creating a decent, it has supreme favorable position over different nations (Feenstra, 2015). It doesn't mean it will expand productivity in the countrys in general creation. Near bit of leeway hypothesis must be embraced here to guarantee expanded effectiveness and losing the open door cost which will influence the nations adversely. According to the figure over, the nation 1 has total favorable position over nation 2, over the two merchandise. In any case, this doesn't mean delivering both the merchandise will help the countrys economy. In the event that the nation 1 as per the figure above produces great 1 and the nation 2 delivers great 2, at that point exchange, it will build the social government assistance and create more pay. Along these lines the two nations can improve from exchange. It will increment the two nations Gross Domestic Product. The relative bit of leeway hypothesis recommends that in doing so the nation will maintain a strategic distance from the lesser open door cost and increment proficiency (Costinot et al., 2013). The nation two will likewise profit by this circumstance. In the event that one among the two regions has outright favorable position over all the merchandise, it should deliver the great which bears less open door cost. This will leave other nation with the choice of creating the other useful for which it causes less open door cost also. Along these lines both the nations can expand proficiency. References: Canto, V. A., Joines, D. H., Laffer, A. B. (2014). Establishments of flexibly side financial aspects: Theory and proof. Scholastic Press. Costinot, A., Donaldson, D., Vogel, J., Werning, I. (2013). Similar bit of leeway and ideal exchange arrangement (No. w19689). National Bureau of Economic Research. Ehrenberg, R. G., Smith, R. S. (2016). Present day work financial aspects: Theory and open arrangement. Routledge. Feenstra, R. C. (2015). Propelled global exchange: hypothesis and proof. Princeton college press.

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Essay Writing - 6 Points to Consider

Essay Writing - 6 Points to ConsiderEssay writing is a very important task that you need to carry out if you want to get good grades. There are some points you need to consider when you are doing this task. These points can be summarized as these are:The first point that you need to consider when writing your essay is the topic that you will write about. You need to decide which topic you will write about and stick with it throughout the entire writing process. When you decide to write about a certain topic, you must be prepared to write about it for a long time. This way, you will be able to gather your thoughts and remain in the topic for a long time.Second point is to choose the topics carefully. Choose topics that are related to your major topic and those that you are knowledgeable about. This will ensure that you will be able to put up an interesting article. On the other hand, you will also be sure that you will not have a hard time trying to write an article as well.The third point is to start writing your essay immediately after you have taken the exam. As soon as you are done with your essays, you need to write them in a way that you will not forget what you have read. Take note of the topics that you will write about when you go back to them and you should also do some research.The fourth point is to rewrite the essay as often as possible. It is advisable to rewrite the essay at least once a week. Rewriting the essay will help you make more fresh and new concepts. By rewriting the essay frequently, you will also be able to keep the essay fresh.The fifth point is to check the grammar and punctuation of the essay. If you need to be certain that you have written your essay properly, then you need to check itproperly. If you find any error in the grammar or in the punctuation, then it is necessary for you to fix it immediately.The sixth point is to know the basics of essay writing. This is the best way to know the things you need to know before you start writing the essay. Once you are sure that you have the basics of writing an essay, then you can start writing on the topic that you have chosen.These are some great points to consider while you are writing your essay. Once you start with the process, you will surely be able to write great essays that will help you to get good grades.

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Mother Daughter Relationships - Family Relations in Amy...

Family Relations in The Joy Luck Club One passage, from the novel The Joy Luck Club, written by Amy Tan, reveals the complex relations and emotions that are involved in families. This passage concerns the story of four Chinese women and their daughters. The author leads the reader through the experiences of the mothers as they left China and came to America. The daughters have been raised in America, as Americans. This is what the mothers had wanted although it also causes them great distress. This is illustrated in the passage I have chosen. â€Å"My daughter wanted to go to China for her second honeymoon, but now she is afraid. â€Å"What if I blend in so well they think I’m one of them?† Waverly asked me. â€Å"What if they†¦show more content†¦Pee-pee, choo-choo train, eat, close light sleep. How can she think she can blend in? Only her skin and her hair are Chinese. Inside - she is all American - made. It’s my fault she is this way. I wanted my children to have the best combination: American circumstances and Chinese character. How could I know these two things do not mix? I taught her how American circumstances work. If you are born poor here, it’s no lasting shame. You are first in line for a scholarship. If the roof crashes on your head, no need to cry over this bad luck. You can sue anybody, make the landlord fix it. You do not have to sit like a Buddha under a tree letting pigeons drop their dirty business on your head. You can buy an umbrella. Or you can go inside a Catholic church. In America, nobody says you have to keep the circumstances somebody else gives you. She learned these things, but I couldn’t teach her about Chinese character. How to obey parents and listen to your mother’s mind. How not to show your own thoughts, to put your feelings behind your face so you can take advantage of hidden opportunities. Why easy things are not worth pursuing. How to know your own worth and polish it, ne ver flashing it around like a cheap ring. Why Chinese thinking is best. No, this kind of thinking didn’t stick to her. She was too busy chewing gum, blowing bubbles bigger than her cheeks. Only that kind of thinking stuckShow MoreRelatedAmy Tan: A Brief Biography757 Words   |  3 PagesAmy Tan is an American Chinese writer most notably known for her critically acclaimed novel The Joy Luck Club, amongst many others. Amy Ruth Tan was born on February 19, 1952, in Oakland California to John and Daisy Tan. Both of Amy’s parents were Chinese immigrants who fled from China to escape hardships. Amy’s mother, Daisy, divorced her abusive husband and left behind three daughters before immigrating to the United States and marrying Amy’s father, John. The marriage produced three children,Read More Mother-daughter Relations and Clash of Cultures in Amy Tans The Joy Luck Club2470 Words   |  10 Pages     Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   Amy Tan is an American Born Chinese, daughter of immigrants, and her family shares many features with the families depicted in her novels. Tans novels offer some glimpses of life in China while developing the themes of mother-daughter relations, cultural adaptation and women with a past.   Tan’s novels share many themes and elements, but this paper will focus mainly on two episodes of the novel The Joy Luck Club: The Joy Luck Club and Waiting Between the Trees; and will make referencesRead MoreAnalysis Of Two Kinds By Amy Tan1567 Words   |  7 Pagescomplex relationships is that of a mother and daughter. Amy Tan is an author who writes about her life growing up as an Asian-American in Chinatown. Her novel The Joy Luck Club is a series of short stories about Chinese mothers and their assimilated daughters. One of these stories is â€Å"Two Kinds,† which looks into the life of Jing-Mei Woo and her struggle to gain a sense of self. Some key themes in The Joy Luck Club are the generational and intercultural differences among Chinese-American families, theRead MoreThe Joy Luck Club1447 Words   |  6 Pageswave of immigration to the United States took place bringing with it a new classification of American. However due to the intimidating cultural and social standards of the United States assimilation was inevitable. In reading Amy Tans thought provoking novel The Joy Luck Club, I am reminded of what has been termed for many decades as the American Dream. Based on the foundations of the Declaration of Independence, this dream entails the idea that we are all, regardless of race or creed, entitledRead MoreTheme Of Love In The Joy Luck Club1029 Words   |  5 Pages and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path.† This quote relates perfectly to The Joy Luck Club, which skillfully explores the relationships of different mother, daughter pairs, illuminating the different ways love affects these relations. Thro ughout the novel The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan displays how different forms of love in the stories not only show how mothers love their daughters, and vise versa, but also display how the love love shared between the pairs heal broken bonds, createRead MoreA Pair Of Tickets By Amy Tan1651 Words   |  7 Pages A Pair of Tickets Amy Tan was Chinese –American, born in San Francisco to Chinese immigrants. Amy didn’t set out to be a writer, but she loved writing. When she wrote the Joy Luck Club, it was about stories from four different families that met every week and played mahjong, ate Chinese food, and told stories. Amy didn’t realize how much of these stories she absorbed growing up. Amy never set out to write about her own life, but when she began writing, she realized she had unconscientiously subsumedRead More The Joy Luck Club Essay2220 Words   |  9 PagesThe Joy Luck Club In The Joy Luck Club, Amy Tan’s first novel, short-story-like vignettes alternate back and forth between the lives of four Chinese women in pre-1949 China and lives of their American-born daughters in California. The book is a mediation on the divided nature of this emigrant life. The novel is narrated horizontally as well as vertically; friendships and rivalries develop among the daughters as well as the mothers.(Matuz 92) As Jing Mei Woo describes, â€Å"Auntie LinRead MoreHuman Oppressiveness in Two Kinds and AP Essay2357 Words   |  10 PagesIt was Emerson who said it best, â€Å"For nonconformity, the world whips you with its displeasure† (Porter 1155). With a detailed look of Amy Tan’s â€Å"Two Kinds† and John Updike’s â€Å"AP,† you will find that this quote is entirely applicable in the context of oppressiveness and in the likeness of â€Å"coming of age.† These two stories document the different perspectives of two characters’ growing up and how the role of the invisible hand of oppression guides developing adolescents into mature adults; without

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What Is Buttermilk Does It Contain Butter

What is buttermilk? You might think it contains butter, but its really the result of a chemical reaction in any milk, including fat free milk. So, whether or not there is butter in it depends on the type of milk that is used. Buttermilk gets its name from the way it is produced. Buttermilk is the slightly sour liquid that is left over from churning butter. Since butter is the fatty portion of milk, buttermilk is relatively low in fat even when made from whole milk. The type of buttermilk made using butter sometimes does contain small flecks of butter, however, most buttermilk sold in stores is made by adding Streptococcus lactis, Leuconostoc citrovorum, or Lactobacillus bacteria to milk to curdle it into buttermilk. This type of buttermilk could contain milk fat or be fat-free or anywhere in between. Chemical Change in Buttermilk When buttermilk is made from butter, the milk sours naturally from bacteria present in the liquid. When bacteria added to milk to produce buttermilk, the bacteria ferment lactose, the primary sugar in milk, producing lactic acid. Lactic acid reduces the pH of the milk, causing the casein protein to precipitate. The acidity makes the milk taste sour, while the precipitated protein thickens the milk, essentially curdling it. Other Buttermilk Ingredients Buttermilk from stores frequently contains salt, added flavoring, and sometimes colorings to impart a golden or butter color. Water, sugar, salt, curry, and asafoetida are among the most common additives. Buttermilk is available in a dry powdered form, too, which may be rehydrated and used in recipes. Making Homemade Buttermilk If you want to make authentic homemade buttermilk, churn butter and collect the liquid. However, you can make buttermilk for recipes by simply adding 1 tablespoon of vinegar or lemon juice to any type of milk. The acid from the liquid ingredient acts the same as the acid produced by bacteria in natural buttermilk, thickening it. If you want the butter-yellow color of buttermilk, add a bit of yellow food coloring or a golden spice, as the recipe allows. Whichever method you use, refrigerate buttermilk until use. It is naturally a bit sour, but will become more acidic at warm temperatures.

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Essay on Use of Tone in Literature - 854 Words

For example, if the events that took place in The Things They Carried were described in a newspaper, we might understand what happened, who died, and what was statistically important, but we probably wouldnt be told why certain things happened, how people felt about these things, and what emotional toll the the soldiers endured. In this particular story, tone acts as spot light which illuminates the informational aspects of the literature. In other words, due to the casual and personal tone of this particular story, certain things must be said; we the reader must be privy to certain thoughts and feelings of the characters in the story; this information is neither granted to us, or expected from us when we pick up a newspaper and read†¦show more content†¦We can see tone in literature in the same way it is heard in music. While different instruments are able to play the same notes, the tone of an instrument gives the notes character and texture. This is the difference bet ween one of Beethovens symphonies played on a cell phone compared to a violin – the basic notes are there, but tone breathes life into them and gives them meaning, thus making them perceptible not just as frequencies, but as music. In the Death of a Salesman the importance and meaning of the story goes beyond â€Å"salesmen dies in car crash.† The overall tone of the play, as well as the tone of each character in the play, is crucial in helping us understand who and why these people did what they did. Willy Lomans ramblings and hallucinations have a wild and disjoint tone that serves to inform us of his mental state, fears, feelings, regrets, and emotions. If the content of his hallucinations were presented directly as background information, or as a coherent dream sequence, we would not understand Willy in the same way. It is not just what Willy says, but how he says it that gives us such a clear picture of how far down he has fallen and just how bad things are for him. The contrasting tone of Willys wife helps to make Willy stand out even more. Similarly, the tones taken on by Biff and Happy reveal that they represent the two sides of Willy – a realization not easily determined by theShow MoreRelatedLiterary Legends: Edgar Allan Poe and Mark Twain777 Words   |  4 PagesLiterary Legends Literature has played a large role in the way we perceive the world and it can affect the way in which we think about things. Edgar Allan Poe along with Mark Twain are two of the most influential authors that our world has ever seen. Their descriptiveness and diction has had a huge impact on their readers for centuries. Poe’s gothic style of writing was very enthralling and suspenseful; it left you wanting to know what was going to happen next. Whereas, Mark Twain was a very humorousRead MoreAnalysis Of The Ultimate Safari By Nadine Gordimer818 Words   |  4 Pagestakes place from Mozambique to South Africa.The two poems â€Å"Song of War† and â€Å"The Sea Eats The Land at Home† by Kofi Awoonor, a public figure in Ghana. Ghana had a military government ( Awoonor 35). African Literature is expressed through tournaments of mankind, such as war, through atmosphere, tone, and symbolism. The atmosphere of the poems and the short story is a dark and depressing showing how life was during the war. In â€Å" The Ultimate Safari† is about a family who were fleeing from MozambiqueRead MoreHate Poem by Julie Sheehan790 Words   |  4 PagesTone is a major contributor to the work of the â€Å"Hate Poem†. â€Å"Tone is an aspect of point of view since it has a great deal to do with the narrator. Tone is the narrator’s predominant attitude toward the subject, whether that subject is a place, event, character or idea† (Writing Essays about Literature, Kelley Griffith page 46). When analyzing the â€Å"Hate Poem† by Julie Sheehan, â€Å"To understand the tone of the poem, we need to listen to the words, as we might listen to an actual conversation. TheRead MoreAnalysis Of Frankenstein Dark Elements 1117 Words   |  5 Pageseighteenth century, gothic literature rapidly expanded to become a major genre of study. There are many key eleme nts that make a piece of literature gothic, many of these elements are found in Frankenstein. Three of the main elements that categorize gothic literature are extreme landscapes, supernatural manifestations, and intense emotions; these three elements can also be found in Frankenstein. One common element of gothic literature includes extreme landscapes. Gothic literature uses this key element toRead MoreDeath in Literature803 Words   |  3 PagesDeath In Literature Death is a natural part of life, its the saddest part of life; no doubt about it. In literature, death is often the theme expressed in tragedies, this theme may not necessarily be a lesson, but may appear to be more of a story being told. With death the theme the tone can still vary. This is because the tone is just an expression given by the writer, when the expression changes the tone changes as well. There are three ways to view death, the death of a friend, the death ofRead More Comparing Satire in Canterbury Tales, Pride and Prejudice and The Rape of the Lock1351 Words   |  6 PagesUse of Satire in Canterbury Tales, Pride and Prejudice and The Rape of the Lock Jane Austen and Alexander Pope had had a myriad of writing styles and techniques from which to express the desired themes of their works.   Satire, however, seemed to be the effective light-hearted, yet condescending, tool that enabled them to surface the faults and follies of their moral and elite society.   In Chaucers Canterbury Tales, satire is used to the full extent in revealing the glutton within a piousRead MoreThe Lagoon By Joseph Conrad962 Words   |  4 Pagesfictional literary movement. The short story earns its place in that category because of its use of the same characteristics found in modern fiction today. Those same characteristics cc an be found with some analysis of his short story. The Lagoon contains the elements of modern fiction within its theme, tone, setting, plot and characters. The theme of the story contributes to the modernism. Modernism in literature uses very personal interests within a written work. Since the themes found within â€Å"The Lagoon†Read MoreTheme Analysis : The Norton 1496 Words   |  6 Pagesmid-term 2. Explore the shared relationship of theme and tone, using examples from at least three poems. There are many poems that show the relationship between theme and tone, as shown in our textbook, The Norton Introduction to Literature. But first you must be able to define what theme and tone are and how they are interpreted into many different poems. For this essay, I’m going to explore the shared relationship between theme and tone, using examples from some of the poems found in the textbookRead MoreWashington Irving and Romanticism Essays1611 Words   |  7 Pagesunique study about the author’s intentions for creating his work. In Washington Irving’s selection â€Å"The Three Kings of Bermuda†, the author portrays tone in a way that he changes it often throughout his writing to help the reader understand the emotion and atmosphere taking place during this short story. He brings his readers almost on a rollercoaster of tone by giving different points to look at what is going on. Washington Irving gives many insights and key points by doing this. This blend of both RomanticismRead MoreMemories and Their Role in Character Motivation: An Analysis of Dreams of Home821 Words   |  4 PagesRemembrance and the use of memories not only serve a role as a form of inspirational and driving force, but also serve as a path way to immortality for those who have long passed. Remembrance takes many forms, one of which is literature, and a specific area where this is true is in war literature. Examples of this range from the lyrical genius of â€Å"Heart of Oak†, which recollects and celebrates the British Navy in the 19th Century, a time in which the Union Jack ruled the seas, to Lieutenant Colonel

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Dantes Inferno2 Essay Example For Students

Dantes Inferno2 Essay In The Inferno, by Dante many of the sinners punishments are questionable to the sins theyve committed. Like Dante, one feels great pity for many of the sinners that exist in all of the levels of Hell. Many of their retributions seem much too severe for some of the sins that just dont seem that dire. Francesca and Paolo di Rimini have no control over the love that develops between the two of them, but are forced to spend eternity in the Second Circle of Hell. The sinners in this area of Hell, the lustful, experience an eternity of torrential rain fall and extremely powerful winds, which toss the souls of these sinners throughout the air. After reading of Lancelot and Guinevere both Francesca and Paolo realize that theyre situation is just like theirs. Francesca does begin having an affair with her husbands younger, better-looking brother; but how could either of the two resist a feeling like that? Lust, yeah its selfish, and maybe it hurts others but if one doesnt give in to its lustful feelings that they too may get hurt. Her husband takes both theirs, and Hell prevents the two of them from ever experiencing that love, from ever being happy again. After hearing Francescas story Dante faints, but who wouldnt pity her; she did what she did in the name of love. Ulysses, a man who fought for his people, bound in the Eighth Pouch of the Eighth Circle of Hell for going against the Christian morals of his time. Among the others guilty of Spiritual Theft he exists within a flame, with Diomedes; they stole from God, so they were stolen from life. Their first mistake was a joint effort; their actions in the Trojan War, with the Wooden Horse, which resulted in the fall of Troy and Aeneas founding of the country of Rome. Also, the statue of Pallas from Palladium was believed to have been a sacred statue that Troys existence depending on; theft of this would result in the downfall of Troy, and what do you know Ulysses stole it. Although Ulysses hurt others, he also helped others; if he hadnt done any of theses things, Troy wouldnt have fallen, and Rome wouldnt have been found. Having nothing but a guilty conscience can make a person insane; their intentions were nothing but good for their people, so one understands why they did the things they did. Lastly, Pier della Bigna commits suicide after realizing that he can no longer deal with the terrible life envious people around him have created for him. Trapped in the Second Ring, Seventh Circle of Hell, he is forced to spend eternity as a tree. The Harpies, a kind of bird, feed on these trees, damaging the leaves and the limbs, causing him to bleed; they cause him endless pain. His punishment for destroying his body is no body at all; hes able to talk only through tears of pain, which are created anything that touches him. His self-destruction was a result of all the pain rumors caused for him in his own life, but yet he must live in Hell with constant pain as a reminder of what he did. He tried to leave the pain on earth, but instead was punished with an eternity of pain and more destructionnow how is that fair, how do you not feel compassion for a man like that?Many of the sinners deserve these horrible punishments, but then as Dante comes across the less serious offenses or the offenses that were just intended to help the sinners one feels compassion for the pain that they must endure for eternity. .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 , .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .postImageUrl , .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .centered-text-area { min-height: 80px; position: relative; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 , .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3:hover , .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3:visited , .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3:active { border:0!important; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .clearfix:after { content: ""; display: table; clear: both; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 { display: block; transition: background-color 250ms; webkit-transition: background-color 250ms; width: 100%; opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #95A5A6; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3:active , .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3:hover { opacity: 1; transition: opacity 250ms; webkit-transition: opacity 250ms; background-color: #2C3E50; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .centered-text-area { width: 100%; position: relative ; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .ctaText { border-bottom: 0 solid #fff; color: #2980B9; font-size: 16px; font-weight: bold; margin: 0; padding: 0; text-decoration: underline; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .postTitle { color: #FFFFFF; font-size: 16px; font-weight: 600; margin: 0; padding: 0; width: 100%; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .ctaButton { background-color: #7F8C8D!important; color: #2980B9; border: none; border-radius: 3px; box-shadow: none; font-size: 14px; font-weight: bold; line-height: 26px; moz-border-radius: 3px; text-align: center; text-decoration: none; text-shadow: none; width: 80px; min-height: 80px; background: url(; position: absolute; right: 0; top: 0; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3:hover .ctaButton { background-color: #34495E!important; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .centered-text { display: table; height: 80px; padding-left : 18px; top: 0; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3 .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3-content { display: table-cell; margin: 0; padding: 0; padding-right: 108px; position: relative; vertical-align: middle; width: 100%; } .udcc724e3cfbeaf268c4c6b44c60be8d3:after { content: ""; display: block; clear: both; } READ: THE SUPERMICRO P4DC6 MOTHERBOARD Essay Whether it is an uncontrollable feeling of pain or love, or a yearning for some one or to do something good for some one a serious penalty like the ones that many of these characters tolerate shouldnt be so extreme. Many times pity is felt because one knows that lust, envy, fear to go on, or a desire to help others is something that he knows he wouldnt be able to resist.Bibliography:

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Bio Experiment Light Intensity Essays

Bio Experiment Light Intensity Essays Bio Experiment Light Intensity Essay Bio Experiment Light Intensity Essay Research question : How does the different light intensity affect the rate of photosynthesis in plants? Objective : To investigate the relationship between different light intensity (by having the source of light at different distance to the plant discs which is at; 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm ) and rate of photosynthesis of plant. Introduction : Photosynthesis is the process where light energy is absorbed by green plants to convert the raw materials (carbon dioxide and water) into sugars and oxygen (waste product). This conversion can be summarized into the equation below: Raw materials Products 6CO2 + 6H2O C6H12O6 + 6O2 (light energy) waste product Referring to the above equation, it can be seen that light energy plays the role as the source of energy stimulating the process of photosynthesis. The main pigment that absorbs light energy is chlorophyll which is the green pigment found inside chloroplasts. A green leaf cut out into discs of the same size are used in this experiment. This experiment is carried out to discover how different intensity would affect the rate of photosynthesis. Hypothesis : As light intensity increases, the rate of photosynthesis increases. Variables : Variables| Ways of controlling| Independent variable :The distance of the source of light energy to the plant discs (light intensity). | Use different distance in each experiment by measuring using a 1 m ruler. The different distance are 10cm, 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm. Dependent variable :Rate of photosynthesis | The rate of photosynthesis in each experiment is calculated by using the formula ;1tt = the time taken for each plant discs to float on the surface of 3% sodium hydrogen carbonate measured by using a stopwatch. | Controlled variable : * Number of plant discs used in each experiment * Concentration of sodium hydrogen carbonate solution * Volume of sodium hydrogen carbonate used * Size of plant discs * Source of light| Bu sing a cork borer, 5 discs measuring 8 mm in diameter each are cut out from the same leaf for each experiment. Each experiment uses a set of 5 plant discs). Use the sodium hydrogen carbonate solution of 3% concentration only for each experiment. Use only 10ml of sodium hydrogen carbonate in each experiment measured by using a 20ml syringe. The plant discs are cut out by using the same cork borer with each of them having the diameter of 8mm each measured with 15cm ruler. The same desk lamp and its bulb is used in each experiment. | Table 1 : List of variables and ways to control them Materials and apparatus : Materials and Apparatus| Quantity| Volume/size| Fresh green leaf| 1| 5 of 8mm discs for each experiment| 3% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution| 1 reagent bottle| 20ml for each experiment| Desk lamp| 1| -| syringe| 6| 20 ml| Stopwatch| 1| -| 1m ruler| 1| -| 15cm ruler| 1| -| Cork borer| 1| -| beaker| 66| 100ml50ml| White tile| 1| -| Measuring cylinder| 1| 100 ml| Table 2 : list of materials and apparatus, their quantities, and volume or size used in the experiment. Methodology: 1. The distance between the bottom of the light bulb (from the desk lamp) and the surface of the laboratory table is adjusted at 10 cm. The lamp was turned on, and all other source of light was turned off. 2. 20 ml of 3% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution was measured by using a 100 ml measuring cylinder and then was poured into a 100 ml beaker. 3. 10 ml of the 3% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution was transferred into a 20ml syringe. 4. 5 of approximately 8mm in diameter each plant discs were cut out from the same green leaf by using a cork borer. 5. A thumb or any finger was placed over the hole at the tip of the syringe to hold its content while the plunger is slowly pulled out. 6. The 5 plant discs are put into the syringe containing 10 ml of 3% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution. The plunger was then slowly pushed back inside the syringe while still keeping the finger or thumb over the hole at the tip of the syringe. 7. The finger was then removed to expel the excess air inside the syringe by pushing the plunger forward slowly. 8. Then, the finger was placed back again on the hole at the tip of the syringe, and the plunger is pulled in to compress the remaining content in the syringe. 9. The plunger was pulled slowly until it came out and the content in the syringe was poured into a 50 ml beaker. 0. The beaker was then quickly placed below the light bulb and a stopwatch was simultaneously started. 11. The time taken for each plant disc to float on the surface of the 3% sodium hydrogen carbonate solution was recorded. 12. Steps 1-11 were repeated with the distance of 15cm, 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, and 35cm. 13. All data were recorded, and tabulated. Results : * Quant itative data Distance between source of light energy to plant discs, cm ( ±0. 05 cm)| Time taken for plant discs to float on the surface of sodium hydrogen carbonate, s ( ±0. 1 s)| | Trial 1| Trial 2| Disc 1(reading 1)| Disc 2(reading 2)| Disc 3(reading 3)| Disc 4(reading 4)| Disc 5(reading 5)| Disc 1(reading 6)| Disc 2(reading 7)| Disc 3(reading 8)| Disc 4(reading 9)| Disc 5(reading 10)| 10. 00| 655. 0| 960. 0| 1170. 0| 1470. 0| 1835. 0| 1110. 0| 1280. 0| 1350. 0| 1370. 0| 1440. 0| 15. 00| 1212. 0| 1590. 0| 1490. 0| 1812. 0| 1856. 0| 1214. 0| 1350. 0| 1490. 0| 1710. 0| 1736. 0| 20. 00| 1530. 0| 1600. 0| 1610. 0| 1730. 0| 1950. 0| 1651. 0| 1700. 0| 1710. 0| 2026. 0| 2130. 0| 25. 00| 1720. 0| 1790. 0| 1820. 0| 1916. 0| 2066. 0| 1780. 0| 1950. 0| 2000. 0| 2410. 0| 2480. | 30. 00| 2110. 0| 2150. 0| 2240. 0| 2420. 0| 2750. 0| 2180. 0| 2250. 0| 2412. 0| 1570. 0| 2780. 0| 35. 00| 2411. 0| 2426. 0| 2483. 0| 2723. 0| 3057. 0| 2533. 0| 2566. 0| 2661. 0| 3503. 0| 3310. 0| Table 3 : Distan ce between source of light energy to plant discs, and time taken for plant discs to float on the surface of sodium hydrogen carbonate for trial 1 and 2. * Qualitative data 1. The leaf was green in colour, was quite thick, and felt a little spongy when discs were being cut out from it using a cork borer. 2. Sodium hydrogen carbonate solution is a colourless solution. 3. Bubbles were seen surrounding the plant discs when the plunger was being pulled to compress the contents in the syringe. 4. Bubbles were also seen forming during the wait for the plant discs to float as they were photosynthesizing. * Data processing Distance between source of light energy to plant discs, cm ( ±0. 05)| Light intensity(cm-2)| Uncertain-ty for light intensity| Average time taken for plant discs to float (s), ( ±0. 1s)| Overall average time taken for plant discs to float (s)( ±0. 1s)| Standard deviation| Rate of photosynthesis(s-1)| Standard error| | | | Trial 1| Trial 2| | | | | 10. 00| 1. x 10 | 5. 0 x 10 | 1218. 0| 1310. 0| 1264. 0| 3. 2 x 10 ? | 7. 9 x 10 | 6. 3 x 10 | 15. 00| 4. 4 x 10 | 1. 5 x 10 | 1592. 0| 1500. 0| 1546. 0| 2. 4 x 10 ? | 6. 5 x 10 | 4. 2 x 10 | 20. 00| 2. 5 x 10 | 6. 3 x 10 | 1684. 0| 1843. 4| 1763. 7| 2. 0 x 10 ? | 5. 7 x 10 | 3. 2 x 10 | 25. 00| 1. 6 x 10 | 3. 2 x 10 | 186. 40| 2124. 0| 1993. 2| 2. 6 x 10 ? | 5. 1 x 10 | 2. 5 x 10 | 30. 00 | 1. 1 x 10 | 1. 8 x 10 | 2334. 0| 2238. 4| 2236. 2| 3. 5 x 10 ? | 4. 5 x 10 | 2. 0 x 10 | 35. 00| 8. 2 x 10 | 1. 1 x 10 | 2620. 0| 2914. 6| 2767. 3| 3. 9 x 10 ? | 3. 6 x 10 1. 3 x 10 | Table 4 : Distance between source of light energy to plant discs, light intensity, uncertainty for light intensity, average time taken for plant discs to float, overall average time taken for plant discs to float, standard deviation, rate of photosynthesis, and standard error. * Light intensity (cm ) is calculated by using the formula: 1(Distance between source of light energy to plant discs)? For example on 10. 00 cm distance : = 110. 00? = 1. 0 x 10 (for the rest of the light intensity values, please refer to table 4) * Uncertainty for light intensity : ight intensity=1(Distance between source of light energy to plant discs)? ? light intensitylight intensity = ? Distance between source of light energy to plant discsDistance between source of light energy to plant discs+? 11 ? light intensity = ? Di stance between source of light energy to plant discsDistance between source of light energy to plant discs x light intensity For example on 10. 00cm distance : ? light intensity = 0. 05 cm10. 00 cm x 1. 0 x 10 = 5. 0 x 10 ( For the rest of the uncertainty of light intensity, please refer to table 4 ) * Average time taken for plant discs to float in trial 1 and 2 (s) : Average time taken in trial 1 = reading 1+ reading 2+ reading 3+ reading 4 + reading 55 Average time taken in trial 2 = reading 1+ reading 2+ reading 3+ reading 4 + reading 55 For example on 10. 00 distance : Average time taken in trial 1 = 655. 0 + 960. 0 + 1170. 0 + 1470. 0 + 1835. 0 5 = 1218. 0 s Average time taken in trial 2 = 1110. 0 + 1280. 0 + 1350. 0 + 1370. 0 + 1440. 0 5 = 1310. 0 s (for the rest of average time taken for plant discs to float in trial 1 and 2, please refer to table 4) * Overall average time taken for plant discs to float (s) : Overall average time take or plant discs to float = Average time taken in trial 1+ Average time taken in trial 22 For example on 10. 00cm distance : Overall average time take for plant discs to float = 1218. 0 +1 310. 02 = 1264. 0 s ( For the rest of the overall average time taken for plant discs to float, please refer to table 4) * Standard deviation : SD=reading 1-overall average2n-1+reading 2-overall average2n-1+†¦+(reading 10 -overall average2n-1) For example on 10. 00 cm distance : =655. 0-1264. 029+960. 0-1264. 029+†¦+(1440. 0-1264. 029) = 3. x 10? ( For the rest of the standard deviation, please refer to table 4 ) * Rate of photosynthesis (s ) : = 1(overall average time taken for plant discs to float, s) For example on 10. 00 cm distance : =1(1264. 0 s) = 7. 9 x 10 ( For the rest of the rate of photosynthesis, please refer to table 4) * Standard error : rate of photosynthesis=1overall average time taken for plant discs to float, s Rate of photosynthesis ? rate of photosynthesisrate of photosynthesis = ? overall average time taken for plant discs to floatoverall average time taken for plant discs to float+? 11 ? rate of photosynthesis = ? verall average time taken for plant discs to floatoverall average time taken for plant discs to float x For example on 10. 00cm distance : ? rate of photosynthesis = 0. 1 s1264. 0 s x 7. 9 x 10 = 6. 3 x 10 ( For the rest of the standard error, please refer to tab le 4) Graph 1 : graph of light intensity against rate of photosynthesis. Discussion : Photosynthesis is a process in which green plants use the energy of sunlight to produce sugars from the inorganic raw materials of carbon dioxide and water. In this experiment, we are trying to find the effect of light intensity on the rate of photosynthesis of plant. Theoretically, the rate of photosynthesis is directly proportional to light intensity up to certain point; as in graph below: Rate of photosynthesis X Light intensity Graph 2: Theoretical graph of relationship between light intensity and rate of photosynthesis As light intensity increases, the rate of photosynthesis increases up to a certain (point X) and then the graph will remain plateau. A further increase in light intensity (beyond point X) does not increase the rate of photosynthesis because of limiting factor such as concentration of carbon dioxide and temperature. However, this is not the exact case in this experiment. As we can see from the graph of light intensity against rate of photosynthesis, there is no constant reading (the readings continued to increase from 3. 6 x 10 s to 7. 9 x 10 s ) which means that the photosynthesis process in this experiment have not reached it’s the maximum point yet. When chlorophyll other pigments in the plant discs absorbs light, electrons becomes excited and the chlorophyll is also photoactivated. As more light is absorbed, more electrons can be boosted to higher level energy, and eventually the production oxygen is also vigorous. Hence, we can say that the rate of photosynthesis increases as chlorophyll absorbs more light. This explains why the first three points in the graph of light intensity against rate of photosynthesis produces a much steeper line. In this experiment, we can also see that although the plant discs were placed inside the sodium hydrogen carbonate at the same time, they still photosynthesize at different rate. This is because the discs are taken from taken from different part of the leaf. The side part of the leaf contains more spongy mesophyll cell and palisade mesophyll cell compared to the centre part of the leaf. The part which contain more spongy mesophyll cell and palisade mesophyll cell would have higher rate of photosynthesis as they are rich in chloroplast. As there are more chloroplast, there would be more absorption of light photons; leading t higher rate of photosynthesis when compared to the discs taken from the centre part of the leaf. As for the method of the experiment, air are expelled from the syringe containing the plant discs at the beginning of the experiment to ensure that each disc would have no gas in them initially; especially carbon dioxide. Once all plant discs are placed in the solution, the beaker containing them is put under the desk lamp, and a stopwatch is immediately started. When the plant disc starts to float on to the surface, it shows that photosynthesis has occurred and the presence of gas inside the cell causes the density of the disc to decrease; allowing it to float. The small bubbles seen are actually the release of oxygen gas as a result of photosynthesis. Limitations and suggestion : Limitation| Suggestion | The range between the 1st reading and the 10th reading of time taken for plant discs to float in each light intensity value varies with such great gap. | To avoid it, cut out the plant discs from the same area for all trials. Preferably, cut it out from the side of the leaf as that part contain lots of mesophyll cell (with lots of chloroplast; making it easier for photosynthesis to occur). | When expelling the air, some of sodium hydrogen carbonate tends to spill out too; leading to the decrease in volume of sodium hydrogen carbonate should be used. Hence the volume of carbon dioxide supplied which is supposed to be constant; became varied. | Expel the air on top of beaker containing the rest of sodium hydrogen carbonate solution so that when any of it inside the syringe leak out, it would drop inside the beaker itself; maintaining volume of carbon dioxide. | There is also presence of external source of light other than the desk lamp itself. The plant discs may have synthesized before they were put inside the beaker. This leads to unconvincing data. | All other source of light must be switched off before the experiment started. This will yield more accurate results. Some of the plant discs were stacked on each other when placed inside the beaker. Although this condition is already altered by moving them away from each other, the disc on top has received more light then the one below. | Before putting the beaker containing the plant discs under the desk lamp, make sure that the discs are not piled on top of each other by swirling the beaker a little. | Table 5 : limitations and suggestions Conclusion : From the experiment, it is proven that when light intensity increases, the rate of photosynthesis increases; while other factors remained constant. As light intensity increases, from 8. 2 x 10 cm to 1. 0 x 10 cm , the rate of photosynthesis of plant discs also increases from 3. 6 x 10 to 7. 9 x 10. The hypothesis is accepted. Reference : * MCB Biology HL students handbook (year 1) 2010 edition: page 192,193. * Alan Damon, Randy McGonegal, Patricia Tosto, William Ward : Heinemann Baccalaureate HL Biology,2007 for the IB diploma. * Biology for the IB DIPLOMA, by CJ Clegg,2008 by Hodder Education. * Biology Seventh Edition, by Neil A. Campbell and Jane B. Reece, 2005 by Pearson.

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The Caged Bird Controversy essays

The Caged Bird Controversy essays The novel I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings is the life story of Maya Angelou as she struggles through life in the South. Published in 1969, the novel has received critical acclaim since 1970 and spent three years as a number one best seller on the New York Times Best Seller List. (Caged Bird Essay) Although this book has a best seller, it was the ninth most frequently challenged book in American high schools (Caged Bird Essay) and has been a censorship target for years. Many school libraries have banned I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings, because numerous parents believe that the book is vulgar, poor literature and that it is inappropriate for use in public schools for young people of any age. Others believe that I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings might do what parents fear most raise important issues while leaving the young reader no avenue to discover his or her relationship to those ideas. What do people mean by vulgar? The story consists of Angelous experiences when she was growing up which includes graphic scenarios. For example, when she described her rape by her mothers boyfriend at the age of eight. In Southlake Texas high schools, I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings was banned because of the pornographic description of her rape. (Caged Bird Essay) Other schools have chosen not to ban the book by just deleting the rape chapters. The use of language in the scene of Angelous rape is hardly explicit, yet it does deal with a sensitive issue and evoke a strong emotional response. Angelous thoughts of homosexuality became another issue and in any case, a book that discusses homosexuality is presumed controversial. As she begins puberty, confusion sets in, and the possibility of homosexuality scares her. (Caged Bird Essay) Angelou was not exactly sure what a lesbian was, but she felt that her low voice, masculine gait convinced her that she was one and later on ...

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Communication of corporate social responsibility Annotated Bibliography

Communication of corporate social responsibility - Annotated Bibliography Example Becker-Olsen, K., Taylor, C., Hill, R.P., and Yalcinkaya, G. (2011). A cross-cultural examination of corporate social responsibility marketing communications in Mexico and the United States: strategies for global brands. Journal of International Marketing, 19 (2), 30-44. The study highlighted the impact of corporate social responsibility communications on the perceptions of organizations along with their brands among consumers in two distinct cultures. It was primarily assumed that the global brand positioning theory is widely applicable, explaining that consumers’ perceptions can be improved if the brand is considered as global. On the whole, CSR communication can bring about positive outcomes for firms; multinational companies that highlight global CSR initiatives and efforts can bring about favorable perceptions among the public. Nonetheless, there is still a great need to consider the significance of certain needs based on local values and experiences. Bhattacharya, C., and Sen, S. (2004). Doing better at doing good: when, why, and how consumers respond to corporate social initiatives. California Management Review, 47 (1), 9-25. As the paper highlighted the impact of corporate social responsibility communication on the public, findings showed that consumers are more sensitive and demonstrate greater reactions towards negative CSR information compared to positive CSR information.... Through the use of content analysis methodology, it was found out that although Spanish companies associated CSR with great importance, usage of websites as a means of communication was not entirely effective. Information was limited regarding the concept of CSR as well the companies’ engagement with environmental and social initiatives, thus the need to further look into the type, quality, and quantity of CSR information that should be communicated through websites. Chaudri, V., and Wang, J. (2007). Communicating corporate social responsibility on the internet: a case study of the top 100 information technology companies in India. Management Communication Quarterly, 21 (2), 232-247. The paper looked into the communication of CSR carried out by the top 100 Information Technology (IT) organizations in India in relation to their use of websites. Specifically, the study examined the importance of communication, scope of information, and presentation style. Findings showed that th ere are only a small number of companies that integrate CSR information in their websites. Moreover, many of these companies do not utilize their websites with regards to the style and amount of CSR communication. Although CSR communication is not necessarily absent in IT companies in India, findings demonstrated there is inadequate CSR communication. David, P., Kline, S., and Dai, Y. (2005). Corporate social responsibility practices, corporate identity, and purchase intention: a dual-process model. The literature review of the study emphasized the importance of communication as a means of promoting the program as well as its performance to stakeholders. It was also asserted that initiatives for CSR communication can affect

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Explaining the writers idea and how it evolves Essay

Explaining the writers idea and how it evolves - Essay Example The writer’s idea about the heart begins to evolve with description of a hummingbird’s heart. Joyas Voladoras, hummingbirds, hearts can beat so fast that they only live for only two years (Doyle web). Likewise, a human being can burden his heart with so much issues that it burns out within a short while. The idea then evolves to a tortoise. Human being can decide to relax and take life easily and live long as a tortoise. Interestingly, his idea then evolves to blue whales. Blue whales on the other hand have large hearts weighing more than seven tons (Doyle web). Despite their large hearts, they live in couples. Human beings can decide to live like the whales. However, hearts can have many numbers of hearts just as different kinds of animals that we have on earth. Finally, the writer’s idea settles to the real man’s heart. The heart has so much at stake that we too often shield it from the rest of the world (Doyle web). However, it will still break at some point. Possibly, the author’s ultimate idea is that we should connect to our hearts so that we can know when we are burning

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Dear People of the World Essay Example for Free

Dear People of the World Essay This letter should be read by someone thirty years from now, in the year 2014. It is currently 1984, I am a citizen of Oceania a place run by Big Brother and his people. We are treated like zoo animals, everything is controlled. I hope that you are reading this in a free world, a world where there is no Big Brother or Thought Police, a world where newspeak is considered old speak, a world where a tele screen is something that is used for entertainment and not surveillance, a world where you can say what you want and not what you must, a world where the only thoughtcrime is keeping your thoughts bottled up like we have to do. This world has been artificially created for us and we cant stand it anymore, something needs to be done; but we are constantly being watched from above and controlled we cant do anything about it. I often dream about a world where people can say what they want, where everything is green and nobody is prisoner of this lie anymore, I hope that your world is like that. Right now I am in danger, I could be being watched right now and it would be just a matter of time until the thought police come, kick the door down and take me. In this world you cant say anything without being questioned or accused of thought crime, I have lost many friends just because they said what they thought. They tell us that â€Å"WAR IS PEACE, FREEDOM IS SLAVERY, IGNORANCE IS STRENGTH† here we dont have peace, we have everything but peace. We are not free we are slaves of a system that does not work. Ignorance will never be strength, ignorant people are weak they believe everything that they are told. Thats why I say that â€Å"WAR IS WAR, FREEDOM IS FREEDOM, IGNORANCE IS IGNORANCE† There is just a small group of people that think like I do, there is just a small group of people that have knowledge of the truth. But this group is getting smaller and smaller and there is nothing we can do about it because we are all bering heard and we are all being watched. I believe that the future wont be like this anymore, it will be free, people will be able to go where they want when they want, they wont need to report every morning and every night, they will eat where they want to eat and love who they want to love. I know I am not the only one that is trying to change this world, letters like this will be found by many different people, because they need to know about their past. If the world where you live in is the same as mine it means that it still too early, leave this letter and carry on, because someday this will end.

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I Didnt Choose Home Schooling :: Personal Narrative, education

I Didn't Choose Home Schooling I didn't choose to be taught at home; my parents decided for me. I was four, and my toddler priorities lay elsewhere. Little did I know that I was volunteering for an educational experiment. Every September my parents and I had our annual discussion about continuing home schooling versus sending me to "regular" school. I don't know if I thought school would be a bit boring or if I was afraid of change, but I always chose to stay home. I did go to school for a few classes and for violin lessons, but much of my time there was spent explaining my sporadic attendance to teachers and classmates. I grew accustomed to giving both rote and wry answers to questions like, "Do you watch TV all day?" The rote answer was "No, of course not. I do the same things you do in school." The wry answer was "Yes, from nine to noon," watching their faces form into expressions of disbelief. I didn't tell them I was watching Massachusetts Educational Television on PBS. When discussing home schooling with strangers or skeptical parents, the first question usually concerns "socialization", often posed bluntly as "Do you have any friends?" Sports and orchestra brought me into contact with kids my age, but even then it was a common interest rather than a common age that drew us together. Over the years, I found wonderful friends in Mendelssohn, O. Henry, a German woman on my paper route who was a World War II refugee, Newsweek, a paralyzed basketball coach who couldn't walk but still coached me as if he could, history books, and a range of musical instruments from viola to tinwhistle. People are always relieved to discover that I'm not a hermit. Home schooling gave me the freedom to explore and experiment. We Traded houses with an Irish family and lived in Galway for a month. I was never given actual lessons on "how to write a sentence"; I learned as I wrote history essays. Few schools would have allowed me to research the sinking of the Titanic, but my parents let me read about it, build models of it and learn about watertight bulkheads. (I even managed to finish my math book that year, too.) As I got older, people started to ask if being taught at home was going to hinder me in college.

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Culture and packaging Essay

Packaging is considered to be an integral part of the product and is the first point of contact with the brand for a consumer product. So, most of the companies that do business internationally redesign their packages for each market. The principle reason is that expectations and utilizations of consumers vary across cultures. The world’s two leading industrial powers, U. S. and Japan have almost opposite approaches to packaging. Packaging is recognized as an expression of culture in Japan and designed to be appreciated, whereas in America cultural aspect is largely ignored and packaging is calculated to be accepted. Foods that only Japanese eat have beautiful, traditionally designed wrappings that resemble handmade paper or leaves and accommodate scan able bar codes. Such products look Japanese and are intended to do so. Products that are foreign, such as coffee, look foreign even to the point of having only Roman lettering on the can. We speak of global villages and international markets, but packages reveal some unexpected cultural boundaries. Few examples of such cultural implication of packaging are- Canadians prefer to drink milk out of flexible plastic pouches that fit into reusable plastic holders while Americans are believed to be so resistant to the idea that they have not been given the opportunity to do so, Japanese consumers prefer packages that contain two tennis balls and view the standard U. S. package of three as cheap and undesirable, Germans insist on highly detailed technical specifications on packages of videotapes, while Americans don’t, Swedes consider blue Colour of packaging as masculine whereas Dutch consider it to be feminine and so on. (Eric, J. A. et al. , 2004, p. 298) Culture & Packaging Colour Schmitt and Simpson (1997) states, Colour is one of the many marketing tools that global managers use to create, maintain, and modify brand images in customers’ minds while Schmitt and Pan (1994) discovers, Colour is also an important component of many corporate and brand-building cues, such as logos, packages, and displays. It is a commonality reflecting in the views of both the authors that- Colour is one of the major element which affects consumer perception regarding a brand. The research results show cross-cultural patterns of both similarity and dissimilarity in Colour preferences and Colour meaning associations. Colour used in packaging is equally important in determining a product’s desirability. â€Å"James Mandle, a Colour consultant, changed the Colour of Ty-D-Bol’s toilet bowl cleanser bottle from light and green to stark white letters on a dark background. He believed that the original Colours were â€Å"too wimpy† and that the new, bolder Colours would connote strength and cleanliness. In an 18 month period following the change of Colour, sales of Ty-D-Bol jumped 40% (Lane 1991). † (Thomas, J. M. et al. , 2000, p. 91) Packaging is not about Colour only there are various other factors involved in it. Factors like design shape of the package, text on the package and other factors of the packaging. But it is true that Colour is the most important attribute in terms of attracting the attention of the consumer. Packaging is not only made up of a single Colour but combination of Colours to create a brand image. So preferences in regard to combination of Colours also vary across cultures. Few examples of such combinations are of pairing Colours with green and red. The Colour best paired with green is yellow in Canada, Hong Kong, China, and Taiwan, blue in Columbia, and white in Austria. Only the Chinese and Taiwanese pair green with red as red is a potent Colour in China. In Brazil and the US people pair red with black, whereas in Canada, and China, the preferred combination with red is yellow. ( Mooij and Marieke K. de, 2004) Culture & Packaging Information Packaging not only protects and contains a product but also provide the consumer with loads of information about the product such as its composition, correct use etc. For instance, packaging of foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals provides information regarding the name of the product, manufacturer, country of origin, â€Å"best before† date and expiry date, ingredients and additives or composition of drug along with quantity and price. Since packaging is subject to country-specific legislation so ear of legal action has made many companies in the US and the UK includes all sorts of warnings on label instructions on consumer goods. On bar of Dial soap: â€Å"Directions: Use like regular soap. † On a Sears hairdryer: â€Å"Do not use while sleeping. † On packaging for a Rowenta iron: â€Å"Do not iron clothes on body. † On Nytol sleep aid: â€Å"Warning: May cause drowsiness. † On a child’s Superman costume: â€Å"Wearing of this garment does not enable you to fly. † On Sainsbury’s peanuts: â€Å"Warning: contains nuts. † On Marks & Spencer bread pudding: â€Å"Product will be hot after heating. † On Boot’s child’s cough medicine:† Do not drive a car or operate machinery after taking this medication. † ( Mooij and Marieke K. de, 2004, p. 265) In the present scenario various countries have included packaging waste into hazardous matter to contribute in pollution. This led the government to adopt some policies to restrict the use of non recyclable products as a packaging material where it is not required. These have also posed challenge among business organizations to try and find out recyclable materials and present themselves as a responsible corporate citizen among the stakeholders. This is also one aspect of culture which leads to this kind of environmental concern approach. Culture & Packaging Images/Pictures Imagery is an important element of packaging, as it enhances the accessibility of packaging information. As said by Bolen (1984), visual information in advertisements generally attracted more attention and was noticed before verbal advertising content. While Alesandrini (1982) declared, visual information may serve to attract consumer’s attention and set expectations for the contents of the verbal elements; the visual information thus serving as an â€Å"advance organizer† for the verbal elements of packaging. (Underwood et al. , 2001) Different culture recognizes various symbols differently with different meanings altogether. Picture that is very meaningful for people in one culture as it expresses important values of that culture can be completely meaningless to the people of the other culture. For instance, a box of pineapple cookies sold in Singapore has an image of a lion, as in Singapore lion is considered to be a symbol of royalty. Hence, if the similar box of cookies is launched in UK it won’t be given equivalent importance as in Singapore due to the differences lying in culture. Culture & Packaging Communication Customer or prospect judges the products on the basis of its name as well. Language used on the product package including its brand or product name creates impression among consumers. Consumer interprets the information selectively on the basis of his culture and his own personal factors. Different aspects of marketing communications like corporate identity, brand name, package design, and advertising styles impacts consumer in certain ways. Marketing communications styles are interrelated with personal communication styles. Chinese-speaking consumers tend to judge a brand name based on its visual appeal whereas English speakers judge brand name based on whether the name sounds appealing. In Asia, visual symbolism is a key aspect of a firm’s corporate identity. A comparative study of package design across seven countries found that packages differ both in three-dimensional design and in the way they communicate through graphical design and vary in the use of textual information; use of Colour, shape, and symbolism; and degree of structure and detail in the package design. All the above differences are highly influenced by culture. Even the product category is influenced by the packaging design, for example Deodorant is communicated differently from cigarettes, and that is reflected in its design of the packaging. ( Mooij and Marieke K. de, 2004, p. 213) Why it is important to understand culture & differences in cultures? It is always very important for a marketer to understand the culture of his target market place. Many good products have failed in the market only due to ignorance of socio- cultural aspects. There are underlying components that influence culture such as religion, family, customs, politics, weather, etc, which must be taken into account when marketing products on an international basis. Consequently, it is important for marketers to be aware of the 25% of cultural differences in the world market to promote their product properly. Therefore, it is of great importance to understand similarities and differences in culture which also affects the consumer purchasing behaviours across the cultures. (Weber, J. M. et al. , 2002, p. 396) Tastes and preferences of consumers vary in different part of world. In the European continent itself consumer preferences and taste varies so much that retailers Marks & Spencer had to made different advertising campaigns for each country. Initially Marks & Spencer has a single uniform advertising for the whole of Europe in 2001. Later it recognized its weakness and immediately changed the advertising campaign according to the taste and preference of different parts of European continent at the end of 2001. Toyota’s model ‘Camry† was a huge success in US which it tried to launch in UK market in 2000. It was a huge failure due to difference in the lifestyle and cultural set up of these two countries. Toyota re-launched it later with changes in the model according to the European culture and it was a huge success. Companies have to estimate the strength of their products along with the market they are trying to trap irrespective of their own brand name and value. One of the mistakes by the snacks giant Kellogg’s is Indian market was with its breakfast cereals. Within Indian culture people tend to eat heavy breakfast in the morning. In such market breakfast cereals as a healthier alternative to the heavy Indian breakfast was unattractive offer to the Indians. Later on company improved its communication strategies and compared it with traditional chapattis (Indian breads). Even in that case Kellogg’s could sell to a Westernized niche market only. So it is quite clear from the above examples that thorough understanding of the culture as well as its differences across cultures is very important to survive in today’s competitive environment. There are some other companies which have done very well in understanding various markets on socio-cultural dimensions like Disney, Pizza hut, dominos, Mc-Donald’s and others. Success pf these brands was result of their conscious effort to keep the significance of culture in their minds. These companies went local irrespective of their global operations for each and every market for them. One such example is Mc-Donald’s. The reasons behind success of Mc-Donald’s in foreign markets apart from a strong brand image and consistent service a standard around the world is, its advertising which is local and its product offer has a local touch. Examples are the Kiwi burger in New Zealand; the Maharaja Mac in India; the Prosperity burger in Malaysia; the Teriyaki burger in Japan; the McKorket in the Netherlands; McLaks, a grilled salmon burger, in Norway; and the Croque McDo in France that refers to the popular French â€Å"Croque Monseiur†, a hot ham and cheese sandwich. Advertising by McDonald’s in France tied into local habits and symbols. In 2001, for example, advertising for McDonald in France tied into â€Å"Asterix and Obelisk,† the most famous historical cartoon of the nation. Hence, localization makes it increasingly important for marketing and advertising people to understand the influence of culture. ( Mooij and Marieke K. de, 2004, p. 18) Importance of Colours can not be ignored in the case of international markets. Colours are associated with different cultural beliefs, moods and meanings. Understanding of these aspects of Colour, culture and society helps the organization to develop appropriate strategy. As said by (Kirmani 1997: Schmitt and Pan 1994), one marketing cue that global managers can use regardless of location is Colour. The effects of culture on the meaning associated with Colours are very critical for international marketing purposes. â€Å"Wagner, the creator of the Wagner Colour Research Institute, contends that Colours are associated with certain images (Lane 1991). For example, Blue is associated with wealth, trust, and security: Gray is associated with strength, exclusively, and success: and orange denotes cheapness. These associations may explain why banks are more likely to Colour their logos and collateral using Blue or Gray rather than orange ( Seitel 1993). It is cultural background due to which Colour has a strong effect on choice of a customer. It is important to understand which Colours are preferred by people in different cultures. It will help to create, maintain, or modify brand images in consumers’ minds. The associated with Colours and combination of Colours are important to understand for any marketer. â€Å"Colour combinations are considered culturally bound with certain ideologies and traditions (Geboy 1996). For example, black on red signifies happiness to Chinese people and is commonly used for wedding invitations while a combination of red over white represents celebration and signifies the life force to the Japanese ( Tektronix 1998). (Thomas, J. M. et al. , 2000) After Colour it is cultural beliefs which have impact on the consumer minds. It is important to understand the beliefs related to target product category within the target market place. For instance in India people feel that ancient herbal methods are good choices over the cosmetic options available today. This led various cosmetics company in India to launch their promotional programs comparing their product with traditional methods or showing the products equivalent to the traditional benefits. In these leading brands like Lux, Fair & Lovely and many others are present. Success of a fair and lovely brand due to the fact that Indians believe fairness is beautiful. Vicco turmeric cream is another example which positioned itself as a cream that would be useful for would-be brides to enhance their complexions, as applying turmeric for skin care is a part of the Indian tradition. These types of behaviour which are associated with a specific culture or belief can also be associated with different product categories such as, for instance, the bindi worn in most parts of India. It is important that the brand name selected for such a product category should have an ethnic-sounding name whereas a Western name is prone to be counter-productive. (S Ramesh Kumar, 2003) Another product category is food where the role of mother and grand mother is considered important. This is the reason all spices, traditional quick meals and cooking oil etc contain some or more of the mother’s recipe kind of concept. Not only that change in the societal socio-cultural structure can also be seen as some of the advertisement in India show modern man helping their women in their work as well like washing clothes or taking care of child. There is a strong need to understand and consider the culture which constitutes of the values, beliefs and habits of consumers which show a discrepancy across the nations. The other aspect of the changing cultural environment and upcoming trends are also important to understand.